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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

General (delivery) Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of buyers/customers shall not apply unless their applicability has been explicitly accepted by Budgetticket in writing. Only the Dutch version of these terms and conditions is legally binding, therefore rights cannot be derived from any translation.

Article 1 Placement of an order, prices and payment
An order is placed after Budgetticket has confirmed receipt of the order by issuing a booking confirmation. Payment must take place using one of the methods specified by Budgetticket. Prices are stated in Euro and include all cost including VAT, except shipping costs.

Article 2 Reselling
Budgetticket acts as a reseller. The prices used are generally higher than the face value of the ticket. All additional costs, except service and shipment costs are included in the price.

Article 3 Delivery of tickets
Budgetticket aims to ship all tickets at least seven working days prior to the event. Shipment per registered mail and delivery shall be at the expense of the buyer, unless otherwise agreed. Budgetticket will inform the customer in writing once the ordered tickets have been sent. Should the courier not succeed in delivering the tickets to the buyer in person, the sending will be placed at the closest distribution center, where it will be kept for a certain amount of time. The buyer will be notified of this by a note that will be left at the delivery address. Should the buyer not accept, pick up or have the tickets picked up by a third party, even though he was informed that the shipment is on the way, Budgetticket cannot be held liable for the non-attending of the event since that will be at the buyers risk.

Article 4 Liability
Budgetticket cannot be held liable for (subsequential) damage resulting from a failed delivery due to the buyer issuing an incorrect delivery address, the incomplete information of the inhabitants of the delivery address by the buyer or if the buyer does not accept, pick up or have the ticket picked up by a third party, even though he was informed that the shipment is on the way, or failure of any third party that was appointed by Budgetticket to deliver on time. The tickets are not insured against such situations.  

Article 5 Guarantee
As soon as an order is placed, all tickets are protected by our 120% TicketProtect Guarantee. Should an order not be fulfilled or should the customer be denied admission to the event due to circumstances which the buyer cannot be held responsible for, Budgetticket will refund 120% of the order amount including shipment and service costs, unless this is due to force majeure (i.e. bankruptcy of the organiser) or unless Budgetticket has cancelled the agreement within 3 working days after it was made. In the last mentioned case 100% of the order price will be refunded.

Article 6 Special provisions
The ticket quality categories used by Budgetticket do not need to match the ticket categories used by the organiser of an event. The buyer of a ticket supplied by Budgetticket must make sure to keep informed about instructions given by or on behalf of the organiser of the event or the authorities as well as about changes with regard to the event such as starting times and similar. Budgetticket shall not have any obligation to further inform the buyer of the ticket.

Article 7 Other provisions
Budgetticket points out that at the time of the original sale of these tickets, terms and conditions of sale may have been declared applicable by the organiser of the event, on the basis of which the organiser reserves the right to prohibit the resale of tickets. As a consequence of this, these tickets may be cancelled by the organiser and you may be denied admission to the event. In this case 120% of the order amount including service and shipment fees are refunded.

Article 8 Information from and about Budgetticket
Budgetticket is registered in (9723 AZ) Groningen, Bornholmstraat 82, The Netherlands. Budgetticket BV is registered in the trade registry in Groningen (The Netherlands) under number 02081616. Budgetticket can be reached via and +31 (0) 50 201 1520.

Article 9 Applicable law
This agreement shall be governed by Dutch law. If deviations from statutory jurisdiction are allowed, the competent court within the District of Groningen shall examine all disputes that may occur between Budgetticket and the buyer.
Article 10 Final provisions
For more detailed questions, please consult the section FAQ on our website.

Groningen, 15 December 2012