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Frequently Asked Questions Budgetticket.

General questions

  1. What happens when a event has been cancelled?
  2. What is a secondary ticket seller?
  3. What is a secondary ticket?
  4. What kind of different tickets are there?
  5. What is the difference between seating category 1 and 2?
  6. Where I will be seated?
  7. Why is the price mentioned on the ticket lower than the price I actually paid for the tickets?
  8. Why is there a different name printed on the tickets I received?
  9. Why can I already place an order on Budgetticket for tickets for which the official presale has not started yet?
  10. Do you have special wheelchair tickets?
  11. Why am I sometimes linked through to other websites when I click on tickets?
  12. What happens if the match I am attending has been rescheduled?

TicketProtect Guarantee

  1. What terms and conditions apply if I want to claim a refund according to the TicketProtect Guarantee?
  2. Whom can I ask about questions regarding the TicketProtect Guarantee?
  3. What is the TicketProtect Guarantee?
  4. Which eventualities are covered by the TicketProtect Guarantee?

Buy tickets

  1. Can I cancel my order?
  2. I need help with the placing of my order. What do I do?
  3. I would like to amend my order. Is that possible?
  4. How can I order tickets?
  5. What do I need to pay attention to when ordering tickets?


  1. Which payment options are available at Budgetticket?
  2. Which credit cards does Budgetticket accept?
  3. I don't have a credit card. Can I also pay by iDEAL / sofortü
  4. Can I also pay by bank transfer?
  5. Can I also pay via direct debit?

Shipment of your tickets

  1. What happens if my tickets get delivered when I am not home?
  2. I have ordered tickets for an event abroad. When will I receive these tickets?
  3. Can I also pick up the tickets at your office?
  4. Can I also trace the delivery of my tickets?
  5. Are tickets also delivered on Saturdays?
  6. When will my tickets be delivered?
  7. Can I have my tickets delivered to a different delivery address?

Sell ticket

  1. Can I sell my spare tickets to Budgetticket?