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Duran Duran Concert Tickets

When someone hears the band name Duran Duran, most will probably remember them as the first superstars of MTV. Duran Duran is an English quintet that took advantage of the video and MTV as a medium to show the world their pretty-boy looks and the fashion sense that goes with it. Unfortunately, because of their use of this medium, people were more attracted to their fashion and style rather than their music. It was okay for them because somehow, MTV had helped them with the promotion of their Duran Duran tickets. Soon after their first Grammy Award for Best Long-Form Video, the band enjoyed a sudden popularity and had witnessed their Duran Duran tickets sold out in just 2 days. The group is back for their next concert. Have you bought your Duran Duran concert tickets yet? If you haven’t yet, visit our site for ticket reservation now - Budgetticket!

Duran Duran Concert Tour

Duran Duran’s first single entitled “Planet Earth” which was released in 1981 was placed number 3 in the UK’s Top 20. Their second single entitled “Careless Memories enjoyed a fleeting moment at the chart but what made Duran Duran catch the attention of the public was “Girls on Film.” This third single reached the 5th place in the UK until they finally decided to create a video for it. This notorious video featured topless women who were doing mud-wrestling. This music video created a big impact in the music channel of the United States. It was even banned by some channels such as BBC making it create a louder roar. Because of the noise this video created, the band happily enjoyed teeming Duran Duran concerts for several years making them one of the most popular and most controversial bands during those times. More so, this happening opened the door to the band for their very first USA Duran Duran concert tour. They had concerts in different venues such as The Ritz Hotel, The Peppermint Lounge and The Roxy Theatre where all their Duran Duran tickets were completely sold-out. You would probably imagine how big the impact their “Girls on Film” created if you find out that they were also very popular in Australia even without having a tour. Budgetticket has tickets available now for the forthcoming Duran Duran concerts. Drop by our site now - Budgetticket!

About Duran Duran

Duran Duran has always been very particular with their sense of style. They even worked with great stylists such as Perry Haines and great fashion designers such as Anthony Price and Kahn & Bell. Duran Duran would like to make sure that they maintain their keen sense of style in all their concerts and shows, whether it is small or major. Because of this, it was very rare in the 80s not to see their photos in any teen magazines. No wonder until now, many women still go crazy over this band and many men still envy them for their charisma over women. Let’s see if they still have the same charisma on their next Duran Duran concert in the Netherlands. Will women still shout for their machismo? What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets for their Duran Duran concert in the Netherlands now only from Budgetticket!

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